Breaking Karmic Ties & Patterns


One of the reasons I returned to DC is to clear karma and break unhealthy karmic patterns.

If you take a look at your family dynamics and the genetic family line as a whole and the patterns that have been passed on thru generations, you will gain a better understanding of how certain things have played out in your life and why you may attract certain relationships. Or you may see specific patterns repeatedly being played out in your life that mirror your earlier years or your parents’ programming you absorbed as a child and went out into the world and re-energized unconsciously.

By breaking the karmic patterns, we break free from the holds, the chains, the limitations and restrictions and set ourselves free.

We can break the karma once we become conscious of the unconscious patterns that binds us. The stronger the spiritual bond, the heavier the energy so the more we need to clear to break the bond. We can do the internal work and choose differently for ourselves. Nothing is ever set in stones. It is fate vs. free will and this is where the power of free will comes into play. We have a chance to choose differently for ourselves and we must have the willpower and the courage to break free and change the course of our life’s direction. Do we stay on the same road and repeat the patterns or do we change direction? Ultimately, the decision is ours to make. Nobody gets to choose for us. Whatever path you choose, it would be wise to choose the most empowering one.

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